I Have Cancer, Now What?

Yes, after 5 years being a breast cancer survivor, I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer again that spread through my body. Fortunately I can take medication (Ibrance &Letrozole) to shrink the tumors that are hormone receptive. Here comes the "Now What". I have been taking some control by doing things to help me heal in conjunction with western medicine. I feel empowered using these easy ideas like watching a video on Youtube, listen to a guided meditations and share easy exercises for you to use.

My "Now What" sharing for today is for you to watch the Wim Hof Method on youtube.

He shows you how to do breathing exercises where you flood your body with oxygen and if your body is oxygenated, cancer cell can not exist. A little extra I do when I hold my breath is; I imagine Jesus energy in my tumors, bursting with love and healing light melting the tumors. I know you can do this!

Blessings and healing to all of you.

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