Giving thanks

There are many thing to be grateful for in our lives, our families, friends, jobs, community, houses we live in and much more, and it's good to stand still and appreciate the things that make our lives great. There is one thing most of us have a hard time being grateful for which is to appreciate ourselves and the gifts we bring to the world.

I overheard two friends talking over coffee and the one friend let's call her Abby, was raving about what the other friend Mandy had accomplished in her life. Abby continued with disappointment in her voice, you have all these wonderful ways of being successful in your job that I don't have. Without hesitation Mandy pointed out how she admired her friend’s gifts of creating a place for people to be comfortable and helping others through difficult times by just listening to them.

Both of them missed and important point. It's easy to compliment another, but so difficult for us to receive a compliment and acknowledge what we hear; almost dismissing what the other person tells us. Why is it so hard to receive a compliment? Because it makes us uncomfortable to stand out. We have been taught to be humble and not be noticed. Times have changed, let go of the old voices in your mind how to be. You are perfect the way you are. Be grateful and appreciate the gift you have because you make a difference in the world. Next time a person gives you a compliment take it in and give thanks.

You share your gifts with the world without even knowing it.

Be grateful for who you are.


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