A place to restore balance, renew harmony and revitalize your body, mind and spirit. 

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About Klazina Dobbe

A life of personal growth and healing

Klazina Dobbe immigrated in 1980 with her husband and 3 children from the Netherlands. Together they started the Holland America Flower farms in Washington and later in California. What she learned by farming flowers is when you nurture a flower, tree or plant it has the opportunity to blossom. The same is true for people and it became the basis of her healing practice.


Guiding you in your personal growth, she shares her  30 years of studies and experiences in the healing arts, like reiki, rebirthing, acupuncture, hypnosis, NLP, coaching, teaching, meditation and spirituality.


She helps you change your live by releasing old patterns and false believes.

By teaching you tools that connect you with your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

To gain new awareness and succeed on your new life journey.

Pam Young

"Klazina has a Divine Gift!  Her calm voice carries with it healing power that melts resistance in me.  Her guided meditations open my heart and lead me into direct contact with my inner being." 

Jean Brown (Lil'Jean)

"It's with great pleasure that I have this privilege to share my experiences.  Klazina's musical, rhythmic voice resonates through my whole being, releasing me from outside influences, concerns and troubles leading me into a most wonderful place of peace and power.  Once in this precious state within myself, I have discovered answers to unsolved problems, clarified my direction, changed my outlook on my circumstances and renewed my energies.  Thank you Klazina for all you do!"


"This is an excellent read but more importantly it demonstrates a path to wholeness. As you become intrigued and involved in Klazina's journey be prepared to find yourself recognizing those same aspects within yourself. As honest introspection reveals buried emotions, deep hurts, and haunting resentments so the exposure, forgiveness and release of these obstacles bring powerful inner healing and peace."

Bettie Patnode

"I felt like I was sitting with Klazina and her ancestors. I could relate to the honesty, pain, and personal stories in my own history. I was captivated by how many lessons, situations, and resolutions were all tied in to this work. Very powerful.
Thank you Klazina for sharing your journey. Thank you also for sharing your gifts and inspiring others."


"...the narrative offers a tender portrait of human suffering."